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We believe that medical marijuana is a legitimate medicine that has profound healing potential when used correctly. On this site, we are working to promote the healthy use and dispersal of medical marijuana knowledge among physicians, caregivers, dispensaries, patients, and the general public.

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Need to detox from Marijuana?

Your body will rid itself of traces of THC in about a month or more, but if you have a drug test next week, you’ll need help. There are plenty of marijuana detox kits out there claiming to free your system of THC in a matter of days, but not all of them work. Here’s the research on the best THC Detox kits: https://www.aommc.org/thc-detox-kits/


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Physician supporting medical marijuana? In our physician specific forum you can review and discuss patient research and results with physicians across the nation.


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Check out our caregiver specific forum to discuss everything from recommending the right strain for your patient’s condition to growing a healthier crop.


Feature Article of the Month

This month, we were given the opportunity to talk to the Michigan Daily News about the difficulty for medical marijuana patients to obtain their medicine. Click here to view their article on How Medical Marijuana Patients in Michigan Get Their Medicine.

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We have patients in these areas who need assistance. If you are a caregiver or physician in these areas, please contact us at community@aommc.org, and we will provide your contact information directly to the patient. Please Note: All patient information is kept strictly confidential.

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