Why join?

Well, becoming a member is free!  And it provides you with access to the locator tool, the member’s only forum, and the caregiver & dispensary forum.  In the caregiver & dispensary forum you will be able to conduct caregiver specific discussions, such as working with patients, setting up your business, the laws in your state, growing tips, popular strains, etc.  This forum is only accessible to other caregivers and dispensaries. 

How do I join?

To join, click here to be directed to our Join Now for Caregivers & Dispensaries page.  

What features do you have on the site that will help to establish a medical marijuana community?

By incorporating a physician, caregiver, dispensary and compassion club locator tool, an open forum for all patients, caregiver/dispensary and physician specific forums and our Blog, we hope to create a community of support to assist patients in obtaining their medicine as easily as possible.

How can I find patients in my area?

For privacy reasons, we only require our patients to provide a user name, e-mail and zip code.  We adhere to a very strict confidentiality policy, and patient names and information are never shared. We collect the zip codes to understand the caregiver need in a certain area.   For example, if there were a significant number of members in Ann Arbor, MI looking for caregivers, we would focus our efforts to find more caregivers in that area of the country. 

What is the difference between the basic and enhanced locator tool listings?

The Association of Medical Marijuana Caregivers has two types of listings available to caregivers & dispensaries: basic and enhanced.

Basic Listing (Free)

The basic listing includes your name and address, phone number, e-mail and link to your website, if applicable.  The caregiver/dispensary locator tool can be sorted by city, state and/or zip code. Membership is free for all patients.  Here is an example of what a basic listing would contain:

NameAddressCityStateZipPhoneE-Mail (Live Link)Link to Google Maps
Compassion Center111 Anyplace Rd.Ann ArborMI48107(111)111-1111info@compassioncenter.comLink to Map

Enhanced Listing (Only $50/month for annual listing)

The enhanced listing includes all basic listing features, as well as: 

Featured Listing in Caregiver/Dispensary LocatorFeatured listings are designed to appear more eye catching than basic listings.  They will come up before the basic listings on the tool, and contain a live link to click through to the enhanced membership page.
Personal WebpageThe personal webpage can be updated by AoMMC or by you, whichever you prefer.  The personal webpage includes your name and address, hours, phone number, e-mail and link to your website, along with an area for a photo, video and description of your services.  This personal webpage can be put on business cards, shared with your current patient community, etc.
MapA map guiding patients directly to your business.
E-Mail AccountAn option for a free e-mail account with AoMMC.  For example, compassioncenter@aommc.org.
Featured Physician/Caregiver/Dispensary of the MonthAn opportunity to be our “Featured Physician/Caregiver/Dispensary of the Month,” which highlights you on our homepage for one month.  If you are selected and would like to be highlighted, we will conduct a short interview with you and publish the article to the “Featured” section on our homepage.
Rating SystemA section on the enhanced listing page for patients to share and rate their experience with your business  If you do not want the ratings/comments feature activated, this function can be turned off.

We have created an example of both the basic and enhanced listings in our locator tool for you to review. 

With the enhanced listing, I will have my own webpage.  Can I share this with people who are not AoMMC members?

Your webpage can be shared in any way you choose, from putting it on business cards to sending it out in newsletters or sharing at gatherings.  To view the website, patients must become members, but membership is free for all patients and requires only a user name, e-mail, state and zip code.

With the enhanced listing, I can have my own e-mail address.  Can I share this with people who are not AoMMC members?

Yes, absolutely.  The e-mail address is yours, just as any other e-mail account that you may own.

What is the cost of the basic and enhanced listing? 

Basic ListingEnhanced Listing
6 MonthAnnual6 MonthAnnual
Caregiver$ 0.00$ 0.00$ 300.00$ 540.00

What if I have more than one listing? 

After your first listing, all listings are 50% off.  If you would like to add an additional listing, please contact us at caregivers@aommc.org and we will assist you.  A “How To” video is also available on our Add Your Business to Our Locator Tool page.  Here are the costs for additional listings:

Basic ListingEnhanced Listing
6 MonthAnnual6 MonthAnnual
Caregiver$ 0.00$ 0.00$ 150.00$ 270.00

How do you use the listing revenue?

Our organization is made up entirely of volunteers.  At first, the revenue from the listings will go towards repaying the original site investment, which was loaned to us from a patient. Listing fees will also be used to pay small on-going site expenses, such as the monthly site hosting fee.  After that, we plan to donate out to non-profit medical marijuana organizations, and use the revenue towards other medical marijuana support related activities, such as organizing events, lobbying, etc.  Eventually, we are hoping to file for non-profit status. 

Is my confidentiality protected?

We understand the importance of protecting your privacy.

All communications with the Association of Medical Marijuana are held in strict confidentiality.  No information will be provided to any outside parties without your express consent.

Please review our Privacy Policy for more detailed information on how we protect the information you provide.

How can I contact the AoMMC if I have additional questions?

Caregivers and dispensaries can contact the AoMMC via e-mail at caregivers@aommc.org.