We have developed a forum which is only accessible to our caregiver and dispensary members.

In the caregiver & dispensary forum, you will be able to conduct caregiver specific discussions, such as working with patients, setting up your business, the laws in your state, growing tips, popular strains, etc.  This forum will only be accessible to other caregivers.

Here is an outline of categories that the forum contains:

Building Your Business

For business related discussion, such as promoting your services, benefits of providing samples, verifying patients are legitimate, pricing, whether to offer delivery, etc.

Patient Care

For discussion on working with patients, understanding different conditions, recommending the right strain for the symptom, appropriate “bedside manner”, etc.

Growing Medical Marijuana:  General “How To Grow”

For general questions and discussion regarding grow techniques, equipment reviews, environmental preferences of different strains, making edibles, etc.

Strain, Seed and Clone Guide

For discussion specific to seeds, strains and clones. 

Indoor Growing

Growing Indoors…

Outdoor Growing

Growing Outside…

Advanced Growing

Growing…in anything but soil.  Hydroponics, etc.

Organic Growing

Growing Organically

Harvesting & Processing

For discussion on harvesting and processing techniques.

Sick Plants, Disease & Pest Control

Got a challenge?  Post it here.

Share Your Strain

For bragging rights.

Grow Journal

Post your grow journals here.

If you have any ideas for new topics, please e-mail us at suggestions@aommc.org.  We kindly welcome your suggestions!