We have developed a community forum for our members to share their story, to discuss the health benefits of medical marijuana, opportunities for action in their community, news updates, the latest in research developments, and growing tips for a healthy crop.  This forum is accessible to all members.

Here is an outline of the categories that our forum contains:

Medical Marijuana and Health

For health related discussion, such as symptoms, the benefits of various strains, determining the best strain for your condition, the affect of medical marijuana on your condition, questions on how to best medicate, etc.

Take Action!

For discussion on any local, state, and national medical marijuana activism planning and/or progress in your community.  If you would like a section started specifically for your community, let us know – we will set it up!

What’s New…in the News?

For discussion on the latest medical marijuana related news.  Post articles here, comment, or start your own discussion. 

What’s New…in Research?

For discussion on the latest developments in medical marijuana related research.  Post articles here, comment, or start your own discussion. 

What are My Rights?

For discussion on legal issues.  Post laws here, ask questions, comment and voice concerns.  A good place for civil rights discussion!

How to Grow?

For discussion on growing your own medical marijuana, techniques, recommendations, equipment, seeds, strains and clones, etc.

How to Consume?

For discussion on consuming medical marijuana, including vaporizing, edibles, recipes, etc.

Working with Physicians

For physician related discussion, such as discussing medical marijuana with your physician, tips for working together with your physician on a treatment plan, etc.

Working with Caregivers

For caregiver related discussion, such as determining which strain to use, deciding on a caregiver, etc.

Share Your Story

A place for you to share your medical marijuana experiences. 

Location Specific Discussion

Discuss developments, issues, concerns, news and events specific to your state.

If you have suggestions for new forum topics, please share them with us at