Craig’s List Job Posting is a Hoax – Click for more info…

We have been getting some e-mails lately regarding a posting on Craig’s List for a data entry/administrative position in our organization. Please note that this is not a legitimate posting.  Unfortunately, there is a company that is using our organization’s name illegally.  If you reply to the posting, they will try to sell you their “software”, which they indicate is necessary for anyone interested in the position.
We have contacted Craig’s List, and are in the process of beginning legal action to stop this company from using our name.
If you have come across this post and have a minute, please consider forwarding any correspondence from them, as well sharing the city you are in so that we can find the ad.  We have several cities so far, which is helping enormously as we build our case.
Please also consider filling out an abuse form on Craig’s List.  This will help tremendously.  Here is the link:
Thank you so much – and we apologize for the inconvenience.