Welcome to the first blog entry for the Association of Medical Marijuana Caregivers!  As you probably know by now, we are a caring and compassionate organization devoted to bringing patients in need of medical marijuana together with physicians and caregivers in their area. We strive to strengthen local and state medical marijuana support organizations by providing resources for physicians, caregivers and patients to communicate with one another.  By working together, we can help to peacefully educate our communities on the benefits of medical marijuana, fostering increased understanding and acceptance for those in need.  And yes, I took that right from the “About Us” section, but as it most accurately describes our purpose, I figured it would be the best way to kick off this post.

Based in Ann Arbor, Michigan, we are dedicated to not only increasing awareness within the medical marijuana community, but to grassroots activism to help increase tolerance in society as a whole.  Through this blog, we will share the latest in community information, and provide the opportunity for our members to give feedback on the latest developments throughout the country.  And…will most likely use it as a soapbox for civil rights issues and acceptance of all individuals. Just because.

To us, the AoMMC isn’t just an opportunity to connect people in need, it is a chance to help others achieve equality in many different facets of life, whether it be through medical marijuana awareness, achieving wellbeing, providing medicine to people without financial or cultural access, disease research and funding, or environmental issues.  This is why we donate a percentage of all physician and caregiver membership fees to charity, asking our members to choose from a diverse selection of five charities:  Americans for Safe Access, Isha Foundation, World Wildlife Fund, Green Cross International and the Cancer Research Institute.

We hope that you find this website informative, and that it assists you in connecting with the medical marijuana community.  If it doesn’t, please let us know!  Above all, we would like for this site to help you.  If you have any suggestions on improvements please e-mail us at suggestions@aommc.org.   We welcome your suggestions, comments and questions, and will incorporate as many of them as possible.